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Hot air balloon flights

We are the first company which offers hot air balloon flights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and most important we are fully licenced. As dream team balloon we are significantly experienced in hot air balloon rides in top touristic locations around the world such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale or Dubai desert. Finally now we are here to make your dreams real, therefore join the adventure, feel the spirit and live the dream with us. Let us take you to your first hot air balloon flight!

Amazing Things for You

hot air balloon flights

Not only discover amazing landscapes but also make your flight undeniably memorable with scenic photographs. Our flight locations will surprise you especially with amazing views of the mountains. In short our professional pilot and crew will make sure to provide your the unique and above all safe experience.

Great way to offer your loved ones the best and unforgettable experience with our private flights. Thus wedding proposal, birthday party or anniversary will become once in a lifetime memory with the assistance of your pilot and ground crew. Especially hot air balloon flight gift voucher will be an amazing surprise for everyone.

We are flying early in the morning, in other words around the sunrise. Sometimes, however very rarely the flights are possible late in the evening, just before the sunset.

We offer few flights locations, depending on weather conditions:

  • Grude – Drinovci flight over Krenica lake
  • Tomislavgrad – Mandino Selo – flight near Blidinje nature park

The full length flight takes 45-60 minutes, but prior to the flight you will also take part in inflation of balloon. Once the flight is finished we will together deflate the balloon and have a small celebration with champagne. Shortly after we will offer you a breakfast in nearby restaurant. Finally you can expect some souvenirs. Altogether the whole experience will take around 3-4 hours. The maximum number of passengers is 4*, so you can fly with your family or friends!

* the minimum number of passengers is 2

Check here for the details

190 EUR per person

45-60 minutes flight

tethered balloon flights

Become familiar with the hot air balloon and experience the feel of the wicker basket while the balloon is tethered. The basket is fixed from three points, in order to gain altitude between 10 to 30 m depending on the weather conditions on a fixed location. As a result you are getting a chance to watch the surroundings and take pictures without changing the location during 10 to 15 minutes tether time.

We offer tethered flight during organised events occasionally in fixed locations, such as National Park Sutjeska, Medjugorje or Blidinje.

The fixed location for tethered flights is in Dubrovnik.

50 EUR

per person

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aerial advertisement

Certainly there is no better way to advertise your brand than with a hot air balloon. Indeed a hot air balloon is a huge advertising platform both flying or static. Hot air balloons catch great attention wherever they show up and for this reason we offer options to show up your brand on our hot air balloon. Contact us for options and pricing and let us fly your brand.

In brief we offer flights with your banner / flag on the balloon or static display of the balloon. Definitely a great attention catcher for your commerce in your desired location, assisted with our professional pilots and ground crew.

hot air balloon

To bring more attention you can organise a night glow show – we will heat up the atmosphere with static displayed basket or balloon in the darkness of the night.

OUR balloon TEAM

We have a dream of our own boutique hot air balloon company where we can be close to our guests, where every flight will be private and unique. Our dream is to fly over beautiful, undiscovered, wild places and be close to the nature. We are a team, we will make your dreams come true!

Looking forward to fly with you!

Mission, VISION

A complete boutique understanding of sustainable tourism based on one to one guest interaction, service and total satisfaction. We will be in your service with our experience, best qualities, excellent safety record and first class airmanship.

first hot air balloon flight
Ayberk Okan, Chief pilot, owner

Professional commercial pilot, flew in Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Dubai desert, responsible for all passengers flights and air operations

An artist – chain saw sculptor, abstract painter, musician, in love with cats

hot air balloon flights
Anna Wrońska, pilot, owner

Amateur sports pilot, in love with ballooning. In charge of bookings, events, organisation.

An electrical engineer, artistic pole dancer, cat owner, embroider